September 13, 2022

CMI is recognized by Estrategia y Negocios as one of the Central American companies that innovate driven by a new generation

Investing in human capital is essential to increase one’s competitive advantage and business growth. In family-owned companies, it also takes into account the generational succession that […]
September 13, 2022

CMI wins award for successful bond placement in the international Green Bond market

Taking care of the environment is an issue that is gaining more and more prominence in all areas of society, including the financial market. Thus, new […]
September 13, 2022

CMI Capital, Committed to sustainable development

Vida y Éxito Magazine, published August 7, 2022 Corporación Multi Inversiones receives an award for its successful placement of green bonds in the international market. For […]
August 23, 2022
Corporación Multi Inversiones reaffirms its support to entrepreneurship

Juan Luis Bosch participates in the book “Family Business” and highlights the values of CMI 

Most of the larger and most successful companies in any economy are family businesses. As a matter of fact, the Argentine Institute of Family Business (IADEF) […]
August 23, 2022

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala pays tribute to the legacy of Isabel Gutiérrez de Bosch

The Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG), has joined in the honors for Doña Isabel. In a posthumous tribute, they commemorated her legacy by attaching her […]
August 23, 2022

Juan Luis Bosch is recognized for his career and business commitment

Guatemala, November 2021. After a wide experience and with his evident commitment in his work for the region, engineer Juan Luis Bosch received the deserved recognition […]
August 23, 2022

Juan Luis Bosch is recognized as Distinguished Industrialist

In the Guatemalan business world, the trajectory of engineer Juan Luis Bosch, Chairman of CMI Capital, of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), stands out. He was recognized […]
August 11, 2022

Call for entrepreneurs to start their businesses

CMI is a corporation that pursues generating economic, social and environmental value in all the communities where it operates. That is why it seeks to develop […]
August 11, 2022
empresarios más admirados de Centroamérica

The profile of Central America’s most admired businessman in 2021

In the business world, there are leaders who are considered as an example, either for their reputation, their interpersonal relationships or for countless other skills. With […]
August 8, 2022
bonos verdes

Green Bonds: a development opportunity for Central America and the Caribbean

Green bonds will help boost the post COVID development of the economies of the Central American region. Green bonds are investment tools that seek to finance […]
August 8, 2022
empresarios más admirados de Centroamérica

CMI, in alliance with CABEI, formalizes credit lines for MSMEs

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are essential for inclusive economic development. Proof of this is the inclusion of this business segment in the Sustainable Development […]
May 13, 2022
Corporación Multi Inversiones reaffirms its support to entrepreneurship

Corporación Multi Inversiones reaffirms its support to entrepreneurship

Through its Corporate University, laUcmi, CMI launched an invitation for 50 Guatemalan from the country to be certified, for the first time, in its Entrepreneurship Program […]
December 23, 2021

Bloomberg Linea highlights relevant Latin American personalities

Recently, the media Bloomberg Linea highlighted Juan Luis Bosch as one of the 500 most relevant people in Latin America, who generate value in their sectors […]
March 25, 2021

100 years of innovation

April 3, 2020

CMI donates equipment for the Hospital Center in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Corporación Multi-Inversiones (CMI) delivered medical equipment to the Hospital Center in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, which will be the center of attention ready for possible emergencies and cases […]
March 23, 2020

Juan Luis Bosch, was present at the first edition of Don´t Break, Go Fast 2020.

On February 24, Juan Luis Bosch, chairman of CMI Capital, was present at one of the most important activities for Guatemalan entrepreneurs that was carried out […]
August 23, 2019

Energy, Trade and Logistics, central themes of the Ibero-American Business Summit

The XVI Ibero-American Business Summit began with the priorities and opportunities that Mesoamerica has in energy. The panelists agreed that the region should work on the […]
July 9, 2019

Juan Luis Bosch and Juan José Gutiérrez: Committed to the history and future of Central America

The giant Corporación Multi Inversiones de Guatemala (CMI), a leader in the food, energy, finance and construction sectors, is one of the strongest conglomerates in Central […]
February 4, 2019

The co-president that strengthens the presence of CMI in Honduras

Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez was born in Guatemala. In addition to being one of the co-presidents of the CMI, he is a member of the board […]
December 13, 2018

Gutiérrez Bosch family and the search for good in Guatemala

The Gutiérrez Bosch family is one of the most successful and well-known in Guatemala. Its notorious history dates back to the second decade of the last […]
December 3, 2017

CMI aims to be the renewable leader

“The idea of ​​starting to probe the field of energy generation, first with hydroelectric plants, then wind and solar, comes from the fact that industrial development […]
September 3, 2016

Corporación Multi Inversiones, Guatemalan giant

The history of Corporación Multi-Inversiones (CMI) is full of milestones. CMI is a gigantic business conglomerate, born in Guatemala, present in six business activities: Poultry Industry; […]
May 3, 2016

The most important CEOs in the region

Successful entrepreneurs are visionary and enterprising people, leaders who promote the development of companies and countries, have special powers to execute work that significantly impacts societies […]
December 13, 2009

Interview with Ing. Juan Luis Bosch

What are the financial perspectives for 2009? To see the prospects for 2009, one would have to analyze what 2008 left behind. First off, people are […]